Complete Course of Traditional Health Systems

Complete course of traditional health systemsComplete course of Traditional Health Systems (640 academic hours) enables to gain profound and comprehensive knowledge of theory and practice of various traditional and modern health systems (Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Russian, etc.) and to become a highly skilled diplomaed traditional health systems specialist.

The course is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Choose this course if

  • You are interested in a high-quality education in the field of traditional health systems and would like to become a professional teacher of yoga, Chi Kung, fitness and traditional health systems;
  • You are a yoga, Chi Kung or fitness instructor interested in upgrading your skills and mastering a broad range of methods of various traditional and modern health systems (classical yoga, Chi Kung, Tibetan methods);
  • You are interested in leading healthy and active lifestyle, self-knowledge, mental and spiritual development.

640 Hours Complete Course of Traditional Health Systems includes:

  • General issues on health care and preventive medicine.
  • Use of traditional health systems in recreation therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Organism purification methods in ancient and modern health care systems.
  • Healthy nutrition. Diets. Vegetarianism. Mono diet. Raw food diet. Approaches to nutrition and diets in different health care systems.   
  • Hatha yoga as an effective system for prevention and health care
  • Yoga for different age groups (kids, elderly people). Yoga for pregnancy.
  • Yoga therapy. Use of yoga in various diseases treatment.
  • Hatha yoga. Basic exercises and breathing practices. Classical asana and pranayama. Relaxation and meditation.
  • Kriya-yoga.
  • Psychic self-regulation techniques in different traditional health systems.
  • Raja yoga as the science of mental process control.
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques in system of raja yoga.
  • Effect of sound, form and colour on human’s physical and mental state (mantra and yantra yoga).
  • Tantra yoga.
  • Buddhist yoga. Dzogchen. Kum niaya.
  • Stress prevention. Stress impact elimination methods. 
  • Chinese traditional medicine. Chi Kung recreative exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Transpersonal techniques. Shamanism and shaman practices.
  • Aromatherapy. Astrology. Biolocation.
  • Traditional health systems teaching methodology.

Education certificates

  • After completion of studies, fulfillment of all the requirements and passing examinations a diploma of traditional health systems teacher is issued.
  • If modular system of study is chosen, besides a diploma, certificates of all modules are also issued.

Modes of study

  1. Full-time education. Monthly seminars on weekends from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m (20 academic hours per month). Length of course is 3 years (1st year – 200 hours, 2nd year 200 hours, 3rd year 240 hours).
  2. Evening tuition. Monthly seminars (once a month) from Monday to Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. Length of course is 3 years (1st year – 200 hours, 2nd year 200 hours, 3rd year 240 hours).
  3. Intensive courses. Eight 10-days intensive courses. Off-site training is also possible.
  4. Modular education includes following modules:

       Compulsory modules:

      Recommended modules:


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