Chi Kung Therapy Specialist Training

This course enables you to get one of the most needed professions in the field of traditional health systems and become highly qualified Chi Kung therapy specialist.

Choose this course if

  • You are a physician interested in upgrading your professional skill by mastering effective methods of Chi Kung and Chinese traditional medicine
  • You are a student of medical academy or other institutions interested in a called-for profession and unlimited possibilities for personal development
  • If you have medical education and you’re interested in mastering effective health care and prevention methods for maintaining healthy and active lifestyle.

Basic education: completed secondary medical education.

The course stipulates modular tuition.

Compulsory modules:

  1. Traditional Health Systems in Rehabilitation Medicine
  2. Chinese Recreational Gymnastics and Chi Kung

Recommended modules:

  1. Classical European Massage
  2. Psychological Trainings for Stress Control in Traditional Health Systems

Chi Kung Therapy Specialist Training course includes:

  • Study of prevention and rehabilitation methods in Chi Kung and other traditional health systems and explanation of their effectiveness from modern science perspective;
  • Study of classical works on Chi Kung, Chinese medicine and other traditional health systems;
  • Mastering of all methods and techniques
  • Obtaining additional skills such as classical massage, stress management, etc.

Having completed this course, you will gain all necessary knowledge and experience to become a high-skilled Chi Kung therapy specialist.

Education certificates

After completion of studies, fulfillment of all the requirements and passing examinations the following documents are issued:

  • Certificate of Chi Kung therapy specialist
  • Certificate of traditional health systems in rehabilitation medicine specialist
  • Certificate of Chi Kung instructor
  • Certificates of elective (recommended) courses.

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