Chi Kung Instructor Training

Chi Kung Instructor Training has been conducted since 2002 in accordance with state-licensed program Chinese Recreational Gymnastics and Chi Kung (208 academic hours).

Choose this course if

  • You are interested in high-quality education in the field of Chinese traditional health systems and would like to become a certified Chi Kung instructor
  • You are interested in a deep Chi Kung practice with highly-skilled masters for personal development and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

208 Hours Chinese Recreational Gymnastics and Chi Kung course includes:

  • The theory and world view of Chinese traditional medicine
  • History, evolution and schools of Chi Kung
  • Therapeutic principles of  Chi Kung
  • Preliminary practice (gymnastics, exercises, relaxation, self-massage)
  • Chi Kung basic techniques. Body and breathing practices. Work with consciousness.
  • External and internal factors that affect man’s health
  • Human energetic structure. Types of Chi. Energy channels.
  • In-Yang principle. Work with Chi energy.
  • Principle of five elements. Work with energy of elements.
  • Energy accumulation methods and techniques.
  • Breathing development. Basic types of breathing, methods and techniques for breathing development.
  • Dynamic and static practices.
  • Flowing motions techniques. Chi Kung steps.
  • Work with attention, images and senses. Concentration.
  • Meditation as basic Chi Kung state. Mediation techniques.
  • Dao-In. Tsinsy Chi Kung.
  • Chi Kung state. Inner states as instruments for energy regulation. Change of states. State regulation in static and dynamic practices.
  • Special features of Chi Kung practice and teaching methodology.

Education certificate

After completion of studies, fulfillment of all the requirements and passing examinations a Certificate of Chi Kung instructor enabling to work as a Chi Kung instructor is issued.

Modes of study

  1. Full-time education. Monthly seminars on weekends from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m (20 academic hours per month). Length of course is 10 months.
  2. Evening tuition. Monthly seminars (once a month) from Monday to Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. Length of course is 10 months.
  3. Individual training.

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