Chinese Recreational Gymnastics and Chi Kung Advanced Training

This course is designed to upgrade skills of Chi Kung instructors and deepen their practice and to create a possibility of profound Chi Kung practice under guidance of experienced masters for those who is interested in leading healthy lifestyle and personal mental and spiritual development.

96 Hours Chinese Recreational Gymnastics and Chi Kung course includes:

  • The theory and world view of Chinese traditional medicine
  • History, evolution and schools of Chi Kung
  • Therapeutic principles of  Chi Kung
  • Preliminary practice (gymnastics, exercises, relaxation, self-massage)
  • Chi Kung basic techniques. Body and breathing practices. Work with consciousness.
  • External and internal factors that affect man’s health
  • Human energetic structure. Types of Chi. Energy channels.
  • Energy accumulation methods and techniques.
  • Breathing development. Basic types of breathing, methods and techniques for breathing development.
  • Dynamic and static practices.
  • Flowing motions techniques. Chi Kung steps.
  • Work with attention, images and senses. Concentration.
  • Meditation as basic Chi Kung state. Mediation techniques.
  • Chi Kung state. Inner states as instruments for energy regulation. Change of states. State regulation in static and dynamic practices.
  • Special features of Chi Kung practice and teaching methodology.

Education certificate

After completion of studies, fulfillment of all the requirements and passing examinations Chi Kung Advanced Training Course certificate is issued.

Mode of study

Full-time education. Monthly seminars on weekends from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m (20 academic hours per month). Length of course is 5 months.


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