Our Mission, Aims and Objectives

 “Academy of traditional systems of health-improvement and human development” activities are aimed at solving global ecological and social problems that modern humanity is facing at the present moment. We see the solution of these problems in human’s all-round development – physical, psychic, mental, spiritual.

We strongly believe that human living in harmony with himself can coexist in harmony with natural environment and other people, creating mutual relation with outer world free of aggression and destruction.

The system of health-improvement and human development we worked out makes it possible for an individual to achieve state of physical, psychic and mental health, self-knowledge, inner freedom and harmony with one’s inner Self.

Therefore, we persue following objectives:

  • To train and certify professional and highly qualified personnel in the field of alternative medicine, traditional systems of health-improvement and human development (classical yoga and Chi Kung teachers, yoga and Chi Kung therapists, traditional health systems teachers and specialists);
  • To create professional community on a national and international scale for cooperation, experience exchange and professional development;
  • To improve general level of professionalism of teachers and specialists in the field of holistic health-improvement and human development in Russia and set high professional standards of qualification, competence, ethics and behavior;
  • To promote systematic and comprehensive approach to health-improvement and human development in professional community of yoga and Chi Kung teachers, yoga therapy, Chi Kung therapy and traditional health systems specialists and teachers;
  • To conduct research and work out new effective methods of health-improvement and development;
  • To develop and publish training aids (textbooks, video, etc.);
  • To popularize the knowledge and practice of holistic traditional systems, conducting lectures, open classes, workshops, organizing meeting with experts in this field, introducing them in state education system and medical institutions.


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