Academy of traditional systems of health care and human development

License for educational activity of "Academy of traditional systems of health care and human development"“Academy of traditional systems of health care and human development” is the foremost educational institution in Russia and CIS, carrying out training of yoga and Chi Kung teachers, yoga and Chi Kung therapists and traditional health systems teachers and specialists.

This is the oldest (since 1989) and at the present moment one of two state-licensed educational establishments in Russia providing professional education in this field.

Wealth of experience that had been amassed for many years of research and practice of yoga and other traditional health systems made it possible to work out a thorough educational system, which is one of a kind in Russia as well as beyond its borders.

Hundreds of highly qualified specialists from different regions of Russia and CIS graduated from the “Academy” work in centers of yoga, Chi Kung, alternative medicine, healthcare and human development.

Our distinctions:

  • A unique comprehensive and thorough educational system 

It is based on 30-years experience of research, practice and teaching of traditional health systems as well as achievements of modern natural sciences (biology, physics, medicine). It has been used since 1989 and has been tested, improved and refined for more than 20 years.

  • Teachers of the “Academy” are experienced and high-skilled professionals

We ensure constant development and improvement of professional skills of our staff by means of regular trainings and seminars.

  • Our educational activity is state-licensed

The “Academy” is the first educational institution in Russia and CIS to get the license of the Ministry of Education and Science for teaching yoga and other traditional systems

  • We worked out our own teaching materials

For full-fledged learning of our students we systematized our great experience and created training aids on yoga, yogatherapy, health-improvement and prevention - manuals, books, video-courses of high quality.

  • Wide range of educational courses

We offer our students unlimited possibilities of professional and personal development. We have 11 state-licensed educational programs, which give them possibilities to obtain high professional level and versatile experience.

  • Progressive system of modular education

Our students can choose optimum and convenient way of studying depending on their purpose, qualification and possibilities.  

  • Our educational center is a unique place knowing no equals within or outside Russia

This is the place with the atmosphere favorable for practice of yoga and other traditional systems of health-improvement and human development. Owing to spiritual and energetic health practices that have been conducted there for more than 20 years, unique atmosphere of harmony was formed. It was highly appreciated by Tibetan lamas, Indian Sadhu and masters of yoga from all over the world. 


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